How we are different from other organizations:

All our projects are initiated and implemented by West African staff. We take our lead from the communities in which we work.

We strive to make all our programming sustainable. That means that in the next five years, we expect our sponsored children to no longer need sponsorship and our scholarship recipients to no longer need scholarships. We are there to give kids a boost to becoming self-sustaining, contributing members of society.

We take a holistic approach. Academic scholarships are not enough when girls are being married off by age twelve. Kids without access to books go through school functionally illiterate. Hungry children rarely perform well in school. We work with students' families and schools to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed.

We actively strive to decolonize international development work. We vet all our books to ensure that they depict a majority of kids of color and employ local West Africans, thereby strengthening the local economy.