We have 270 scholarship students and counting. All of our scholarship recipients receive tuition, a school uniform, and school supplies, as well as counseling and mentorship. They range from preschool to university students.  

"My name is AishaI am ten years old.  I thank Allah for making a way for me to be in school. I love to fetch water and swim in the stream. In the future I want to become a nurse. "

"My name is Umar.  I am nine years oldI am so happy to be in school.  I love to take care of my younger brother Aliyu and to play with the sheep.  In future I want to become a teacher. "

"I am Amina.  I am a girl in primary one. I love to write and draw.  In the future I want to write my own books so that little children will read them." 

"My name is Yahaya.  I love to farm with my father and take the cows to the bush for grazing.  In the future I want to become like Auntie Yvette, go to a village and give biscuits and sweets to the children and teach them like Auntie Yvette."

"My name is Jibrin.  I am ten years old.  I love to help my mom in the farm.  When I grow up I would like to become a doctor and a good father, so that I can help my family the way my mom is helping us now." 

"My name is Khadija.  I am nine years old. I am in school now. I love to help my mother in the kitchen, most especially when she is cooking tuwo masara.  In the future I want to become a teacher and own a school.

Scholarship recipients in Nasarawa, Nigeria. None of these children had ever had the opportunity to go to school before.